Carol Core is an excellent speaker.  She has a great sense of humor, which makes it so much easier to absorb the information.



Carol offered a very flexible class . . .  every question was answered and tailored to our specific needs.



It was great to have an instructor with so much personal knowledge.  I feel so much more hopeful now.  Thanks!



The workshop was very helpful.  Carol gave us great information and handouts.  I actually feel more positive about my situation now. Thank you so much!



Carol was energetic and very knowledgeable about the subject of managing elder care. She really helped me understand the importance of taking good care of myself first.


- David

Carol’s Seminar offered so much useful information that I had no idea about. Carol gave me hope!  Excellent experience!



I am my mother’s daily caregiver, yet she is always so mean with me and always speaks so highly of my brother, who lives out of state and never visits. CarolCARE helped me understand that my mother is really upset and hurt by my brother, but I am with her on a daily basis so she takes her anger and frustration out on me. She still gets grumpy from time to time, but the advice I got from CarolCARE gave the strength to talk it through with my mom and has made my life a little easier.

Shana W.

My Mom had Alzheimer’s, but Dad was managing to care for her, until he had a fall. The next thing you know, I am caring for both of them. I was panic-stricken, but CarolCARE was there for me and gave me advice and the answers I needed. Both of my folks have passed now, but I know I could never lived through that experience without CarolCARE.

Heidi N.