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Who am I?

I am an elder care expert; recognized speaker; motivator and humorist  . . .  the President and Founder of CarolCARE, an organization created to offer resources, guidance, support and relief nationwide to 63 million non-paid family care givers, primarily of the elderly.

I am a consultant, coach, motivational speaker, and author who through personal, professional, and non-profit development workshops and keynote presentations empowers individuals to experience greater self esteem and self-worth; improved communication skills and creative time management tools, allowing them to successfully give appropriate time and energy to work, personal duties and care giving responsibilities.

I have nearly 30 years of professional experience with people of all demographics and socio economic backgrounds.  I am a former designer, publisher, corporate marketing VP, event and corporate meeting planner, branding specialist and public relations consultant.

What can I do for you?

Personal development

  • Empowerment and improved self esteem– give you tools needed to develop and maintain a positive self image
  • Strengthened mental and physical health, and well-being through exercises and role play
  • Stress relief through effective time management
  • Improved attitude-give you tools to find the happier, more humorous side of life.
  • Enhanced communication – give you the skills to successfully manage family dynamics and the care of your elderly loved one.

Professional development

  • Improved self image – improved productivity
  • Increased self-worth and less depression – decreased need for use of sick time, thus overall improved healthcare utilization mod
  • Improved communication skills and positive attitude, means less conflict, more productivity and improved employee morale.

Sample Speeches:

The Witch Wasn’t Wicked

Caregivers, don’t risk your health and your life!

Sample speech titles:
The Witch wasn’t Wicked, she was a Caregiver
Mom has Dementia and I’m Losing My Mind
Caring for the Caregivers, Takes Care of Your Bottomline

All talks can be customized to meet the specific needs of your audience.

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