Colorado Free University

What is CFU? Colorado Free University is a life long learning center offering a wide array of skill-based and enrichment courses. More of a learning network than a traditional school, CFU draws its teachers from the community and all teachers are independent contractors. Classes are designed for busy adults who want to get useful information […]

Christine Sprague, M.A., Licensed Professional Counselor

If you are feeling overwhelmed, resentful or guilty related to your elderly loved one, I’m here to help! Christine Sprague, M.A. Licensed Professional Counselor Elder and Caregiver Support 600 South Cherry Street, Suite 805 Denver, CO  80246 Phone:  303-815-0553 Fax:  303-757-2021

Woman to Woman 1-800-798-7902 Women to Women Women to Women is dedicated to helping women navigate their most common health concerns. Our Personal Program is the at-home version of the proven natural approach we’ve used with incredible success in our medical clinic for over 25 years. Our site gives you a clear path to relieve your symptoms […]

Candice Morgan Massage

In as little as 45 minutes, Candice will help melt away the pain and frustration of caregiving.  

Dance Pain and Depression away with Zumba At, you’ll find every kind of DVD program to fit your needs.  My favorite, is their 20 minute Zumba workout.  Just enough time to get me moving and I can still fit it into my schedule. If you can find 20 minutes a day in your caregiver schedule, Zumba could actually change your […]

Grossman Wellness Center

Dr. Terry Grossman 2801 Youngfield Street, Suite 117 Golden, CO  80401 303-233-4247 Our mission at Grossman Wellness Center is to change lives.  Experiencing a health and wellness evaluation with us will be the beginning of a journey that help you achieve an optimal level of health and wellness virtually every day of your life. […]