Do Something for Yourself

Meet ups are neighbors getting together to learn something  . . . do something . . . share something  . . . offers every possible type of group interested in every possible thing.  Find a group of people that you share like interests with and get away for an afternoon or evening!  Do this […]

Water 2 Wine – DTC

A fully operationa winery and wine bar or Why not make your own wine complete with custom labels? Choose from a list of almost 100 wines from all over the world. Fourteen different countries, with California and Washington in the states. Work side-by-side with our winemaker, to begin making your wine, and gain some […]

Haley’s Heart

From the Owner …  Haley’s Heart is NOW located in Lowry Town Center at 2nd & Quebec (Formerly located in Cherry Creek North).  We opened with the idea of having the perfect gift for everyone!  We have the most unique and outrageous selection of gifts and we offer complimentary gift wrap on every item you […]

Colorado Free University

What is CFU? Colorado Free University is a life long learning center offering a wide array of skill-based and enrichment courses. More of a learning network than a traditional school, CFU draws its teachers from the community and all teachers are independent contractors. Classes are designed for busy adults who want to get useful information […]

Dance Pain and Depression away with Zumba At, you’ll find every kind of DVD program to fit your needs.  My favorite, is their 20 minute Zumba workout.  Just enough time to get me moving and I can still fit it into my schedule. If you can find 20 minutes a day in your caregiver schedule, Zumba could actually change your […]