Caregiver Resources

So now you’re a NON-PAID family caregiver of your elderly loved one?

Most caregivers never expect any of this. It just kind of happens one day . . . Mom is doing great, living on her own and then she has an unexpected fall . . . Dad is caring for Mom, still living independently, when Dad has a stoke . . . Grandma continues to live in her home and drive, then one day she just forgets where she lives. The stories are endless, but most of us never plan for this . . . and unfortunately, most of our loved ones don’t plan for it either. Just like you, Carol Core, President and Founder of CarolCARE was thrust into the role of caregiver of her Mom, Dad and elderly Uncle. She was forced to learned all of the ins and outs of Medicare versus Medicaid; living wills; trusts; assisted living; nursing homes; adult day care centers; in-home care; food service; oxygen; medications; clinical depression; crematoriums; Veteran’s benefits; long distance care, congestive heart failure; Depends; DNR’s; fire safety and wills.

Carol discovered two important things:

  • Non-paid family care givers MUST take care of themselves
  • All of the information they need MUST be in one place and easily accessible because non-paid family caregivers have NO TIME to search through the volumes of information they will need to care for their elderly loved one.

CarolCARE was created for the family caregiver, to give you help, support, encouragement and HOPE! CarolCARE is dedicated to providing guidance and resources to make your job as a non-paid family caregiver easier and less stressful. Our goal is to help you be a happier, healthier non-paid caregiver who can give better, more effective care to their elderly person, while not exhausting yourself or your own personal resources in the process.
Take a look through the Caregiver Resources to find ideas, resources and answers to make your life easier, more calm and less stress-filled. If you have a need or a question that we haven’t answered, email us and we will find out.

Take Care!!