About Carol

Carol Core, President and Founder of CarolCARE knows, first hand, what your life looks like when it comes to caring for your elderly loved one. Carol knows, because for over 12 years she was the non-paid family caregiver for her Mom, Dad and dear Uncle Earl. While trying to juggle full-time work; life as a wife, mother and grandmother; she managed the care, health, finances and safety of three elderly people.

The show must go on, so play your part

If you have had to move your elderly loved one into a 24 hour skilled nursing facility, memory care or Alzheimer’s unit, you are most likely at the point where you’ve noticed that your loved one is very possibly in a different reality than you are.  In their minds they may be living in a […]

This demon called OLD AGE, what must it be like?

I was the non-paid family caregiver of three elder people for twelve years of my life.  I saw each of them go through many facets of aging.  My father was always kind of a loud, angry guy, but as he got older and the Alzheimer’s took over, he actually became quite mellow.  My mother had […]

The Guilt of Elder care

Three years after my friend Bridget’s mother had passed, she was still asking me if she had done enough for her mom.  Seriously?  Bridget was already a full time wife and mother and worked 35 hours a week at the library, in the reference department.  Her older brother lived in town, but when her mom […]

So how’s your Mom?

The longer you are in the role as non-paid family caregiver, the more people will only see you as that caregiver.  Partially because this job has now completely consumed your thoughts, your free time, your time to read or exercise and your overall life.  Partially because, whether you realize it or not, this is the […]


Resources, Guidance, Support and Relief for Non-Paid Family Caregivers   Consulting, Coaching, Personalized planning specific to YOUR elder-care situation We meet with you, your siblings and with your loved one If you’re feeling exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed or maybe even a bit resentful… Call 303-780-7347 today and relax — CarolCARE will help you through this! You’re […]

Quality Aging Project

Quality Aging Project As you think about your future, have you told your loved ones exactly how & where you want to live? Further, have you financially accounted for likely upcoming needs? Have you documented your wishes and made plans for your care? Most of us have a fairly clear vision of how & where […]

St. Andrew’s Village

St. Andrew’s Village St. Andrew’s Village in Aurora, Colorado, is a premier continuing care senior living community that offers independent living, assisted living and a skilled nursing care center. This beautiful property allows residents to “age in place,” and remain active and independent for as long as possible by focusing on wellness and activity through […]

Senior Housing Options Non-Profit

Senior Housing Options Non-Profit A non-profit organization proudly serving Colorado for over 30 years. We provide and promote Quality, Affordable Housing and Caring Services for Older Adults. We offer both assisted living and affordable apartment living options for more than 500 individuals in Colorado, including properties in Cortez, Denver, Kremmling, Longmont, Granby and Parachute. Visit […]

Zoe Macaulay

Platinum Alliance Zoe Macaulay Coldwell Banker Whether you’re selling to downsize or buying to plan for your retirement, we listen to YOU to insure that Your needs are met. Please give me a call today! Office:  720-283-5927 Cell:  303-949-9613 Zoereagent@gmail.com www.platinumalliancehomes.com  

Universal Lending Corporation

Universal Lending Corp. Paulette Wisch, CML, of Universal Lending Corporation is the metro-Denver authority on reverse mortgages. She has been providing these instruments since their inception in 1989 and has helped more than 2,100 seniors achieve financial security and independence by putting their home equity to work. Call Paulette at 303-759-7354 or visit http://pwisch.ulc.com If […]