About CarolCARE

Through Carol Core’s own personal experience, she realized that most people never expect to become caregivers, and there simply is no training. Suddenly, it just kind of happens one day — Mom is doing great living on her own and then she takes an unexpected fall. Dad is caring for Mom and they’re still living independently when Dad suddenly has a stroke. Grandma still lives in her own home and drives herself everywhere, and then one day she just forgets where she lives. The stories are countless, but as you know all too well, they are real. Caregivers never plan for this, and unfortunately, most of our elderly loved ones don’t plan for it either.

Carol Core, president and founder of CarolCARE, has firsthand knowledge of what your life as the caregiver of an elderly loved one looks like. Core knows because for more than 12 years she was the non-paid family caregiver for her three favorite “old people” (as she fondly refers to them)—Mom, Dad and dear Uncle Earl. Performing nothing short of a juggling act, Core worked full time and fulfilled her roles as a wife, mother and grandmother, all while managing the care, health, finances and safety of three elderly people.  

Over the years, Core was forced to learned all the complicated ins and outs of in-home care; Medicare versus Medicaid; living wills and trusts; assisted living, nursing homes and adult day care; food service, oxygen and fire safety; medications and clinical depression; DNRs and Depends; congestive heart failure; crematoriums; Veteran’s benefits; long distance care and every other aspect of caring for our elders. 

A recognized speaker, author, coach, consultant and certified mediator, Carol Core is an expert in all things elder care. She’s leveraged this expertise to create CarolCARE—a firm dedicated to offering support, empowerment and hope to you, the caregiver.